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With the improvement of people’s living standards, people will pay more attention on the impact of smoking. Although there are different versions, but most countries are to promote smoking cessation. In low-income and student groups, since cigarettes are very popular in the past few years, the growth rate in many countries has exceeded 10%, so the demand for packaging machinery also increased. Smokeless tobacco, snuff, especially, the development is very rapid, is a noteworthy product categories. The world cigarette packaging machinery market, EU lags far behind , because snuff in Sweden officially sold only allowed to prohibit legally sold in other EU member states . The reason is that any form of tobacco are unhealthy , should be fully stopped. The reason for the following scenario may be a bit strange , as statistics show that fewer smokers snuff users’ health problems than cigarettes , which was confirmed by years of health data , the Swedes are the EU countries with the lowest incidence of lung cancer . The EU approved the use of snuff as the biggest hopes in Sweden within six months rotating presidency , in order to promote the ratification of snuff sales in the whole EU. However, did not succeed. This may make packaging machinery manufacturer hopes , but they have no reason to complain , because a lot of ordering nose pipe orders, especially orders a lot of small compact machine . Coupled with the recent U.S. Altria announced since 2007 after test marketing smokeless products , in 2010, it will launch Marlboro Snus smokeless tobacco products across the United States . Renault in 2009 across the country launched its Camel products. So snuff came, no doubt. Even snuff users can now get NRTs products . Overall, quite a long time in the future, the world will continue to cigarette packaging machinery high speed, high production efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, high flexibility, good product quality and stability, and fully automated direction, while its noise and the security will be improved.

29 Sep, 2013

Jewelry Package

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Geisha Girl jewlery set

Geisha Girl jewlery set, beautiful packaging by Alexas Johnston.

25 Sep, 2013

Simple Package

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Beautiful package by Futagami,sometimes simple is beautiful:)

Simple Package

Simple Package

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